Young Justice - Mother Box 3D Print

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    Keep looking to this brilliant series (alas, cancelled way before it's time) for inspiration on some shorthard/short term design work. Nice and simple, the Motherbox popped up in an episode.

    "Mother Box is a "living" computer from New Genesis. Its "male" counterpart is the Apokoliptan device, Father Box."

    Uploaded it to MyMiniFactory and sure enough a few days later, there it is printed and ready for download. I could have printed this myself, but these are just some small designs that I keep adding to my collection rather than going through to full on post process them. No doubt I will at some point however, as I think it would be cool to create a light up model of the Motherbox, with sounds etc. Maybe include a call to the New Genisphere etc with it's motorcycle engine noise.

    And a few shots from there.

    mbox2.PNG mbox1.PNG
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