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I could be completely wrong, but just the other day in a hobby shop I discovered what may have been used for the Vectral Fins strut detail. It's an orange plastic kit of a Tank Recovery attatchment made by Tamiya. I'll be checking the store again this tuesday with Y-photos along for the ride. It certainly appeared to be the parts (with the holes cut in them).

Sounds like a good lead, Kaiburr. Update? :)

In case any of this warrants discussion, (and to help anyone trying to determine what has been added/changed) here is what has been changed in the list since I first posted it weeks ago. Many clarifications were added by myself based on my own observations, and, of course, many were contributed by you good folks!

The complete list itself will from now on be maintained on a web page. It won't be up till after the holidays, though.

Airfix 1/144 Apollo Saturn V Rocket
I only just added the most obvious detail of all: stage 1 halves for the engines. Not that anyone didn’t already know! Also added the fact that the newer kit has minor differences from ‘70s Airfix version.

Airfix 1/600 German Battleship Scharnhorst
I was told after posting the first list that this belongs here, but thatÂ’s all I know. Perhaps it only counts because of the bogus R2 strip slapped on as a repair to that one Y.

Airfix 1/24 AV-8A Hawker Harrier
retail Price is $85. The engine parts on the wings are #s 12 & 13. 17 & 18 also somewhere.

Airfix 1/24 Hawker Hurricane Mk II
(Mk1 is currently more plentiful and also works)
engine block halves are parts 6 & 7; the "Rolls Royce" engine valve cover parts are #s 39 & 40; the oil pan is part # 8;

Bandai 1/24 Messerschmitt Bf 109 E4
the landing gear of THIS KIT, may it finally be posted, is the source of the “dome struts”. My thanks to the contributor.

ESCI/ERTL (DML?) 1/8(?) German KettenKrad
this entry was erroneously labeled “Tamiya” in the first listing.

Italeri 1/35 155mm Gun M1-A2 Howitzer
The 105mm Howitzer, and probably other variations, has mostly the same parts, including this one; the same kits have been released under the Testors brand

Tamiya 1/25 British Centurion tank
$66 at Hobby Link Japan

Tamiya 1/35 JagdTiger
I recently picked up a Nichimo version that would work just find in its place. (For all I know itÂ’s the same kit)

the 1/76 JagdTiger entry was changed to reflect an unknown manufacturer. Tamiya didnÂ’t make one. In fact, the entire entry has yet to be substantiated.

Tamiya 1/35 Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf M/N


This is definitely the box at the end of the dome struts. either of two identical parts, Part #A4 (“gun turret base”) or part # C8 (“N Type Barrel Base");


Kit is also the source of the rectangular strip w/ 3 rectangular cutouts seen in several places, both on engines and hull: part #A33 (“Armour Plate C”): undoubtedly long known by the gurus in our midst but the ID has to my knowledge never been posted here. Found that one alllll by myself, aren’t you proud? :)

Tamiya 1/20 sf3d (ma.k zbv 3000) JERRY heavy armored fighting suit
this entry was added thanks to a contributor.
Hey, Treadwell,

I appreciate all the work that goes into maintaining these lists for the X-Wing and Y-Wing threads. I'm a bit concerned though about the amount of space they take up within each thread, especially when there are only small, incremental changes being made from one list to the next.

In my opinion, it might be a better idea to keep these lists and modifications on some webspace somewhere else, and post links to them in your messages here. That way you can link to just the most up-to-date versions of these things, and then we don't have to scroll thru page after page of nearly identical lists, which tend to clog up the normal message flow here, IMO.

What do you think?
Sounds good to me. I wanted to edit out the superceded versions migrated from the old board but that's not possible. Feel free to remove them if you wish. (For what it's worth, the list posted today would have been removed by myself the next time I posted an update..)

I wanted to do it as a web page to begin with, in fact. I put them here out of consideration for those who were hesitant about the fruits of their labors being presented "publicly" away from here. I agree it would be a shame for surfers to find the lists via a search engine and never come here to participate.

But if space concerns supercede the others, a-web-ing I will go. I'll just post new info here.

In fact, I was just about to post a "what's changed" listing like I did over at the X. Instead I'll just edit it over the list above. Scroll up, folks! :)
(Note the correct spelling, folks...use both in your searches!)

I forget whose post I gleaned it from, but my list says this kit provides "The tread changing jack (or whatever it is) is used on one side of the R2 unit."

Well, lookie:


Doesn't look like the same part to me. This is the best pic I found of the area, but it didn't look the same in pics of other Y's, either.

Since we all have jacks aplenty from all the armor kits we have lying around, it seems to me just about any of those in that scale would be just as right (or wrong) than the one from this kit.

So, unless there are other needed parts in it I don't know about, it looks like we can scratch off this kit.

...while we're talkin' Elefants...(if you'll pardon a brief shift to the X):

Fujami 1/76 Elefant
Confirmed? I have a 1/72 ESCI on the way just for the hell of it, but I haven't come across any 1/76 scale. (I know, the decade is young...)
</SPAN><TABLE BORDER=0 ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=85%><TR><TD CLASS=$row_color>Quote:<HR></TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS=$row_color>Fujami 1/76 Elefant
Confirmed? I have a 1/72 ESCI on the way just for the hell of it, but I haven't come across any 1/76 scale. (I know, the decade is young...)</TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE><SPAN CLASS=$row_color>

Try "Fujimi" instead of "Fujami"

Here's a pic:


And here's a link to the 1/76 Fujimi Elephant page at HobbyLink Japan. When in doubt, check HLJ. Trust me.

The tank recovery kit I mentioned earlier is the #35243 and made by Tamiya. I hope this is correct, it certainly looks the part.

I've been beaten to the punch! Was just checking a friend's 1/24 Bandai Messerschmitt this weekend, so I'll second that confirmation. It is the right part. The only mystery remaining is what that small bit added to the Kettenkrad part could be.

A couple more kits to add to the list are the Arfix/MPC 1/24 P-51 Mustang - tailwheel strut halves, parts #83 & #84 and the Bandai 1/48 Kubelwagen - brake discs, parts #30 & #31. I've heard that the same Kubelwagen parts are in the Bandai 1/48 Schwimwagen also. These are the parts on the flat, rectangular area on the Panzerspahwagen chassis on the sides of the neck. Very clear in photos of this area.

Could it be that the Airfix Scharnhorst is the source for the 4 boxes on the back underside. Anyone have the kit?

1/24 BANDAI Messerschmitt? Does Bandai have a 1/24 Messerschmitt, or do you mean Airfix?

P-51 Mustang? I've always thought that maybe another 1/24 Airfix WWII Plane was used on the Y because the Hurricane or Messerschmitt landing gear struts are not right for the front dome structures. Are the Mustang FRONT landing gears the ones for the Y?

I have the Airfix Scharnhorst, but not with me right now.

Where are the P-51 Tailwheel Strut Halves used on the Y?
Yes, there is indeed a Bandai 1/24 Me 109 Messerschmitt. I compared the kit with some photos of the Y-wing, and theyÂ’re a perfect match. If I remember correctly, Bandai made a 1/24 Mustang also. I eliminated all the Airfix landing gear years ago, except for the Focke Wulf, which IÂ’ve never had.

LetÂ’s see if I can give a good description of where those Mustang tailwheel halves are. On the 8-wheeled Panzerspahwagen chassis bottoms that make up both sides of the neck, thereÂ’s a smooth, flat rectangular area. Towards one end is glued a disk, which is the brake disc from the Bandai Kubelwagen. In front of that is half a Mustang tailgear. The bit where the axle is has been clipped off so the part can fit into the rectangular space. If any of the photo links at the beginning of this thread are still up, there should be some close-ups of the neck. ItÂ’s even fairly easy to spot in other photos if you know what to look for. IÂ’ve seen about one Y-wing thatÂ’s missing the tailgear parts. Hopefully this all makes sense.

Merry Christmas

Schools Class Harrow:
Part #5 & #5A

Hasegawa 1/72 Sherman:

Part #15 x2
Part #10 x4
Part #24 x3
Part #5

Bandai 1/48 Panther:
Part #C7

These parts are not very noticable.....but if you have a good eye and look at the pictures that have been posted in this thread you will find them.
Also on the 1/72 Sherman is part #17 (the headlights) x 2.

Part #5, eh? Must've missed that one (probably need my one good eye checked!).

Thanks for the fresh info, folks!

About the Bandai Messer: is it possible the other X and Y parts we've been crediting to the Airfix are actually all from the Bandai? The Airfix R2 strip part matches perfectly but for all I know so does the Bandai.
The Bandai Messerschmitt isn't nearly as good as the Airfix, plus it's molded it that brittle plastic the Japanese companies were so fond of back in the 70's. I just may have to bug my friend this weekend and make a comparision.
The Airfix was used on the R2 strip. However part #87 from the Bandai Messerschmitt is used to detail the X-Wing cockpit.
I got the Tamiya 1/35 Tank Recovery Accessories kit, and the part looks right. However, it's not yellow, and you have to hack it up a bit to get what's on the Vectrals. I also picked up a DML 1/9 BMW 75 with Feldgendarme. I don't see any parts yet. I think the one I really wanted was the Zundapp with Fallschirmjager because it supposedly has Tie Fighter parts. I thought if it had parts for those, it might have others...
While this part from the Bandai 1/48 Elefant is not an exact match,

...1/48 does seem to be the right scale for this part--therefore we couldn't just use any old jack from our armor kits (as I previously suggested) since most of them are other scales.

Fortunately, there's one other 1/48 kit already being used for our Y's that has the same jack part as the Elefant: that would be the Bandai 1/48 PanzerkampfwagenV Panther-G.

So, if one deems this jack close enough to be used, you can still scratch the elefant from your list.
</SPAN><TABLE BORDER=0 ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=85%><TR><TD CLASS=$row_color>Quote:<HR></TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS=$row_color>Could it be that the Airfix Scharnhorst is the source for the 4 boxes on the back underside.</TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE><SPAN CLASS=$row_color>

Alas, no. Maybe it's just their location, but those boxes look like fuel tanks to me. A semi trailer kit?
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