xtremedesignfx? anyone heard from em lately?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by hydin, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. hydin

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    not sure if i got the name right.

    just curious, ive sent a few emails out about a mask i picked up on ebay a few weeks ago, but i havent heard anything.

    didnt know if they were away for personal stuff (kid, flu, etc) or if they had a set time to be back. searched the forum but didnt see anything like the usaul "i will return/be away" threads.

    :$ doesnt help that i forgot thier username either. its on the tip o my tongue too, which makes it worse.

    im not * or screaming about being ripped off, or angry in general. just kinda wondering about the delay. not like i have to have the mask now to do anything, just wanna finish up a display, and thats kinda the catalyst to the final piece :lol

    anywho, if someone knows em or knows if/when theyll be back, drop me a PM or post up.

  2. DKnight23

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    I just emailed you to let you know that your item had been sent a couple days ago, you should have it tomorrow. I went back through our emails and only found one maybe some did not come through for some reason or another. At any rate we did neglect to email you back with a status report and for that I apologize. Hope you like the mask and we thank you for the business. Thanks.


  3. hydin

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    not a problem man, not a problem at all.

    it doesnt surprise me that mail went missing, the local mail servers have been glitchy as hell since katrina. we had about 9 diff nodes down today due to a network server going "poof". that made life fun for a while.

    thanks for the update though, been looking forward to the mask. gotta rip off another members idea and make a light up green lantern ring to go with the display, least now i have an excuse to hang out in the nightlight section of the store :lol

    thanks again man, and sorry for spacing on the nick. im usaully a little better with names.

  4. allosaur176

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    Yes, Like you Chris, I also picked up a mask from Ebay afew weeks ago, I had tried emailing them through Ebay a couple times with no luck, but then emailed them directly and got a fast response, said it would be shipped tommorow... I can't wait to get the mask :)
  5. hydin

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    just a follow up. got the mask in. pretty nifty lil design, i really dig it :)

    didnt get any adhesive (dont remember if it came with it or not), but with facial hair i kinda doubt im gonna pull off a kyle rayner look either way :lol

    top of the line mask, if you have some display tips to let it keep its "being worn" shape, id appreciate em.

  6. SpideyFett

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    Sorry for bringing this old theard up...but are these guys still in business??
  7. darthchiro

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