WonderCon 2024 who's going?

Dr Jones Sr

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I have my 3-day badge.

Come up and say "hi" if you see me, to recognise me better here's the cosplays I'm planning

Friday: Frank Griffin (Netflix series 'Godless') (I'll be the only guy carrying around an insect-infested amputated arm)

Saturday: Dr Henry Jones Senior (there's an Indiana Jones meetup at 2pm out by the fountain)

Sunday: haven't decided, could be Old Ben Kenobi or Ser Barristan Selmy
I did my new Frank Griffin (Godless the Netflix series) cosplay on Friday, then trimmed my beard for the Indiana Jones meetup and photo shoot on Saturday.

Here are two pics of me at WonderCon, with three Godless screen shots. I carried around his severed arm.

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