WIP C3P0/droid head display(s)


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I have been sitting on my chromed TC-14 head for some time. Originated from an ANH 3p0 head. I finally got some time to light it up and put it in its display case!

At any rate, here it is:

I am still contemplating whether I like the white LEDs on the nameplate or whether to use one warm white wide-angle LED.

And here it is with the mcquarrie concept 3p0 head:


They both sit next to my ig-88 "battle damaged" desk lamp:
Star Wars IG-88 assassin droid desk lamp - YouTube

Hope you like it. I'm always trying to find ways to improve the displays...
Very VERY nice display... I personally like the lights on the nameplate. The stand and everyting probably looks so sweet in the dark
Looks cool Jim!
But the lighting (at least in the picture) looks too harsh. Makes it harder to read that way.
That may be from the picture though.

I love the IG-88 lamp!
Thanks for the input guys. I tend to agree that the lighting is a bit bright. That is what I am contemplating changing. But then again everyone who has seen it stares at it constantly, saying "cool". I too find myself looking at it every time I pass by it. Maybe it will grow on me.

I could tone it down and it would most likely work just as well. The white LEDs remind me more of a spotlight movie effect, which is somewhat effective. I thought of changing them out with a 5mm warm white bathing LED for a more subtle effect.

Decisions, decisions.... :confused
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