Which predator is which?


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So, I have been on this site for a bit. Checking it everyday. The only thing I cant get down is the different type of predators.
Chopper, Celtic, Wolf, Etc. I was wondering if somebody could make some kind of quick guide showing all the different types of preds and what makes them different. Thanks alot, it would help my suit out alot!


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Welcome dude, check out the reference pic section. That will help. Or just google wolf pred etc that always brings up some good pics.


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speaking shortly: chopper, scar and celtic are the preds from AVP movie - chopper dies first, nailed by alien's tail, celtic is killed as second, scar is the main pred, and dies in the end. wolf is the pred from AVPR. these are just nicknames, given either by fans or creators.


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Hey bro, check out predatorstuff.com and check out all things pred an awsome site for good pics and suit ideas


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also if you get the chance read the predator books and comics it also helps differiant between the differences of the preds and there clans to a extent