Where are the Fix-It's At Now?


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So intresting question, does anyone know where the Mom and Dad Fix-It's are at now from the movie Batteries Not Included. I'm currently doing my research and will be sculpting the Mom and Dad Fix-It's from the movie with every detail I can but trying to find more photos than just what's in the film. So would anyone have any idea as to where they are now? The kids have been in Museums and I believe they are currently somewhere in Orlando but so far I have'nt found out any info on where the parents are.
Yourprops.com has Wheems and a incomplete Father (recently added) and seen earlier on RPF. It was the same father in a prop rental/store. The two older brother robots were sold on propstore recently. No word on Mother in private hands :( There is a entire set of the brothers at Planet Hollywood Florida. And an entire Family set at Industrial Light and Magic San Francisco Presidio. I'm still working on a mini kit someone is going to loan me. I have a recast kit of the Japanese garage kit that I'm trying to put together. I love the lil fellas ;)
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