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    Hi there Guys.

    My old TK is over 10 years old. He has seen better days. So instead of spending time and money tidying him up ; I have deiced to turn him into a Sandtrooper.
    So I would like some info on some new armour. I would love all TKs to post some pictures of their suits. Also some info such as – who the maker is ( TE, GF, AP ect.), - where it came from, - How much, - ECT.

    Thanx for your help.

  2. Stormtrooper

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    Really.... was it a Marco Enterprises suit? Replica trooper suits must've been pretty * rare in 1996 - wouldn't mind seeing some pics :)

    Due to the sensitive nature of what you're asking for, and the inevitable flame-war over "X's suit is better than Y's suit" etc. etc. I think you'll have more success if you ask for sources to be sent by PM.
    My advice to you is browse back (the 'Search' facility is IMO useless) through the old threads on the Costuming Forum / Prop Forum until you see a set of TK armour that you like, and contact the owner via PM / email and politely ask 'em for more info

  3. Krel Jedi

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    PM sent
  4. Bountyhunter Niko

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    HI there John.

    I didn't know this would be a ‘sensative’ issue. I thought it would be pretty straight forward. “Here is my suit , cost me so much, it is a …. And I got it from ….” Guess I got a lot to learn. I have read on this site that TE was the best. But I saw one on Ebay for $2000.00 us.
    So I was just trying to get the basic info without the “mine is better then yours”.

    Krel Jedi : I will get back to you soon. I will need to do some homework.

    Thanx , Niko.
  5. Funky

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  6. rigormortis

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    Heck, here's my 501st TK...


    It's an SDS with Stunt Helm, armor cost about $1400, boots $35 from easterncoastcostume, and I have about $250 tied up in the blaster. I need to attach a strap to the shoulder bells and redo the ab plate buttons, but other than that, I'm quite happy with it.
  7. Bountyhunter Niko

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    Thanx rigormortis .

    That is exactly the sort of info I was looking for. I figured with all the 501st in the world ; some one could have helped me.

    Sorry Funky Jedi. I'm a bit of a NEWBIE to the in's and outs.

    I have recieved a few P.M.s The General consent has guided me to a choice of 3. I will go from there.

    To those who HELPED – Thank you.


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