What the best adhesive to use to glue......

Darth Infamous

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Wanted to know what the best adhesive to use to glue styrene to wood? Ive tried 2 part epoxy and it seems to work ok. If you jar the plastic panel to hard it snaps off of the wood. I need a better way to glue it on. Thanks in advance



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what are the parts to be glued?

i know that in the uk we have stuff called no more nails that works well if one of the surfaces is pourous -the wood in this case



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Look at you local hobby shop. Most sell rubberized CA (superglue). It's black, and works great. The rubber in the glue makes it less brittle than normal CA. The R/C guys use it on their cars and planes because it better resists cracking due to the vibration of the motors, and bumps or whatever. It sands well too, and is great for filling gaps.

Good Luck!


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i think if you knock the part hard enough the balsa will give way whatever glue you use

just my 2 euros

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