What new project needs doing?


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I recently moved to Seattle. Part of the reason was to take advantage of a new shop space.

My buddy and I drywalled and insulated his second garage, previously know as the barn but now re-christened THE SHOP.

Whole bunch of new Harbor Freight tools being picked up tomorrow, so I'm ready.

Who needs what?

Not that I obviously don't have enough to do. Han, Jupiter, Martian War machine, proton packs. SG Glider.

But what NEW thing is needed that nobody is doing but people want?

I can do just about anything (except weathering, damn it). Just look at my last big guy.


Let's hear'em. Suggestions.


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I just started a new lightsa.....I mean nothing, I am not working on anything right now.....(pitter patter of my feet running out of the room) :) Man am I envious of your workshop.... I hate living in LA and not haveing a place to work.....



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Well CE, as you know, this is actually a smaller shop than my last one, although I appreciate the space I now have. I previously worked at a professional industrial fabrication plant where I had access to mill, lathe, CNC equipment, ovens,etc.

What I lacked there was TIME.

Now I've got all kinds of TIME.

Just not as much shop.....but I'll make do. Harbor Freight is like Disneyland to me.


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Mike congrats on the move -- though we'll miss you here in SoCal.

I do have a project, but will PM you on it. And its more like a mid to long range target; not immediate future.

You do do machine work, right?


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*waves Jedi hand*

"you need to make a 1:1 Ark of the Covenant, and then deliver it out to my house just NE of Tacoma"



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What's ironic is that I have a whole boatload of lightsabers I should be working on LOL.... ;)

Great shop...I'm jealous....I don't even have room to display anything :(.



Darth Kahnt

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I have a little workbench in my laundry room, that's about the extent of my workspace. Good stuff. Congrats. If I think of something I'd like done I'll let ya know. ;)


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i have a local harbor freight as well. god thier store is like crack.

you walk in to buy one thing, like a sanding brush, and walk out with 400$ worth of crap you will never use, but need cause its on sale and dammit its a power tool.

i dunno wtf a mortiser is but i came pretty close to owning one last week, cause it was a POWER mortiser, and whatever man can do, a man with a power tool can do faster and more fun :lol

congrats on the shop. i wish i had a place like that here. my foyer and my kitchen are my shop :(

on a side note, what i would love to see is a pink panther diamond, or the lil "claw" thingie used by the robber to snag it off the little stand in the first movie. always has been one of my favorite films.



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This isn't a suggestion for a new project. It's just a note to tell you that I hurt my chin my when jaw dropped upon looking at the link to your completed B9. :eek That's amazing. :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup


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Originally posted by tgreco@Feb 17 2006, 05:43 PM
what needs to be done

a really nice sized well detailed MOYA kit

I like this one.

Any decent images? 3-D wireframes or anything out there?

I'll look into it.


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Originally posted by temponaut@Feb 17 2006, 10:46 PM
This isn't a suggestion for a new project.  It's just a note to tell you that I hurt my chin my when jaw dropped upon looking at the link to your completed B9.  :eek  That's amazing.    :thumbsup  :thumbsup  :thumbsup
He has been my best work in a while. It was sad to see him go but he was a commission. He turned out nice.

Now the licensee one is doing a fabulous job with those, here.



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Originally posted by micdavis@Feb 18 2006, 03:55 PM
Now the licensee one is doing a fabulous job with those, here.
Thanks for the link. Looks like quite a project. 150 robots at $18K each.

I'm relatively new here and I apologize if this has been rehashed many times already, but has anybody done a drone from Silent Running? Seems as if that would be a great project... and relatively easy for you, after having finished the B9.

Trooper TK409

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I'm not sure if you do machining, but what about C-3PO hand pistons? I have the 3d max files and no one has done accurate ones. No moving parts, just a straight rod. My drawings are traced right over a close up photo.



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GWTulsa did some great BR gun plaques based on the Ennis Brown House tiles.

Love to see some accurate sized Ennis tiles. Make a great addition as a display piece. Like enough to cover the inside of my house :D