what is elmers glue exactly? and does this work? 7th nov


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so, i am looking for something like elmers glue, as it seems to be used for a lot of stuff.
Problem is, its not available here. So im looking into what elmers glue actually is. Is it some kind of craft glue or is there a good definition for it? anything similar in europe would help :)
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Re: what is elmers glue exactly?

In all seriousness they sell it by the gallon as well, I'd be happy to be a middle person of you'd like me to ship you some.


Yes, it is a PVA (not ground up horse hooves). Wood glue or carpenter's glue is a different formulation of PVA, so it has slightly different properties. Some other PVAs include Sobo and Weldbond. I'm not sure which ones can be found in Europe, but you can usually find a selection at hobby, art and craft stores, especially in the scrapbooking sections.

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=40.729387,-73.991584


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Re: what is elmers glue exactly?

thx for all the answers.

one other question: if i thin it with water, could i basicly use it as resin? it doesnt need to be as rigid, just harden enough for bondoing :)

so, anyone did that?


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It doesn't get as hard as resin. Its more of a rubbery consistency. And if you sand it with an power sander, it tends to kinda melt/ roll up. I have used it to seal the edges of MDF board before painting but only lightly sanded it. If you are putting it on a porous material like fabric, it will harden up pretty solid. hope that helps


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i wanna harden my paper build scouter, but i dont want to buy resin atm, as its too cold outside for resining.

if its hard enough for bondoing, its good enough :)
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