What is a Real Sterling Worth?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Boba Debt, May 30, 2006.

  1. Boba Debt

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    I am thinking about buying an MR Stormtropper Blaster and if I do I will be selling a be-built, unconverted real Sterling.

    Does anyone know what the current average value is for these?

    DARTH SABER Master Member

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    Hey Boba,
    Don't know if this helps but I went to a gun show a few years back and a guy was selling one for about $1,200.

  3. exoray

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    Prices have skyrocked, cut up parts kits are around $600+ (as high as $800 at auction, but there are still deals to be found)

    Supply is very short and don't expect too many more parts kits to hit the market with the new barrel import ban in effect...

    I'm guessing $750 up for a good rebuilt if you can find someone that really wants it as a display, I don't know if you will find too many buyers like that though, it will probably take awhile... Realistically on most "gun boards" about $300/400 because many of the parts should be destroyed, thus lowering it's usable parts count, and most of gun collectors are not looking for a wall hanger... Not to say some aren't but from what I have seen over the last 6 months you would be hard pressed to dump am IMA rebuild for what they sold for... I'm guesing yours is a better rebuild but just the same, it's a hard sell...

    If you decide to let it go and can't move it drop me a line maybe we can work something out...
  4. classicbullwhips

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    I think that i have seen just parts of a sterling not the whole thing go for like 600. this is one of those where it is going to be your personal call of how much you want to sell it for.
  5. mgoob

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    Search gunbroker.com & you'll see parts sets are ~ $350-400, not $600-700.

    Question: does your rebuild have the flat area where the bayonet goes?
    Most rebuilds don't do this: thus no mounting of bayonet.
    (you see, I collect replica guns & would someday like a nice L2A3 w/ my bayonet & sling on it:)
  6. exoray

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    Remember though that a rebuilt sterling only appeals to Star Wars fans or someone looking to display it as a replica gun... With supply low on the Sterling parts kits, the price is up because they appeal to a larger group of people...

    The larger goup that the virgin parts kits appeal to is the few people who have access to the legally licensed Class III tubes that were registered back in the early 80's and are waiting to be built up as a fully transferable Class III firearms... Registered tubes go upwards of $10k with a legal Sterling build up in the area of $15k even more if it's suppressed... That is what holds the virgin parts kits value up, hell you can dump clean bored barrels for $300 or more to Sterling owners as the supply is limited right now, but a few homeside ma-pa barrel makers are looking at filling this demand as we speak...

    MR really put a big dent on the real Sterling build up market for Star Wars fans...
  7. exoray

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    <div class='quotetop'>(mgoob @ Jun 27 2006, 04:58 PM) [snapback]1269515[/snapback]</div>
    In truth if you don't plan on taking the bayonet on/off much it will probably fit without the flat spot, it will be close but from looking at my bayonet it appears that it would slip on (tight) without the flat spot, although yeah the bayonet will fit better with the flat spot ground out...

    Here's a pic...
  8. mbmcfarland

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    I actually bought Boba Debt's Sterling rebuild already and am working on converting it to an ANH E-11. (I'll post some pics when it's done.)

    It does have the flat spot where the bayonet goes.

  9. das 1

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    in uk old spec deactivated about 600 650 pounds new spec about 300 350 pounds ish but hard to find plus if you alter it in any way you are commiting a section 5 and 7 firearms offence with no defence and mandatory sentance.
  10. Michael Bergeron

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    NECRO!!! :lol

    Good note though for UK members re: alterations.

    Here in Canada once it's deactivated it's no longer considered a "firearm" so you can alter it provided you don't make it functional again.
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  12. Boba Debt

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