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what happened to the "Outlander " film costumes and props?


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For those who have seen the 2009 film "Outlander" with James Caviezel, Ron Perlman and John Hurt, will remember the Moorwen creature effects that were amazing, as were the the over all special effects in the film, the armored suits worn by our hero and his commading officer in the opening sequences this suit was awesome!, the Viking costumes, swords, shields, and the blood and mayhem throughout the film!

Last year I did manage to track the guy down who originally designed and built the armored suits and sent him an email in regards to his creations (time to construct, ideas, materials etc) and as yet have had no reply, so I was wondering what happened to the props and costumes from the film? All I've seen is a couple of items on Ebay ie a dagger and a shield and thats it. So does anyone know what happened to the rest of the props and costumes, especially those armoured spacesuits ?? If so please let me and other fans of this film see what you have or if know were the props went too!

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The guy who made the armored space-suits is Jonesfx, a member here on the RPF, maybe try sending a PM if you didn't hear back from the email.

There's tons of information regarding Outlander and various props from it in these threads:[/QUOTE}

I've sent him a PM, really looking forward to getting his reply, many thanks for the links and your reply!



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Many props and costumes were sold through Premiere Props, and they still have some stuff on their website:

Most of it was Viking related, and some of Kainan's space outfits (just pants and shirts).

There's about 20 props listed on YourProps:

Including a few Viking swords I have, and a version of the alien material sword Kainan had (although I was told the production company kept the hero sword)...

Neat stuff to see, and I thought it was a pretty entertaining movie...



My friend Kurt Zendler built the Bulldozer looking machine plowing the dead alien bodies into the graves on the film. I'll ask him if he knows anything.
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