What do you use for clear coat?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by LeoFirebrand, Nov 30, 2011.

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    I have become increasingly disappointed with the clear coats I use on my projects and was wondering what other people use. Right now I have used Krylon and Games Workshop Clear Coats. It should be noted that I do not have an airbrush so I am limited to store bought options.

    Also my bigest complaints are how most clear coats grey down black paint and dull metallics. I have had some decent success using semi-gloss wood varnish for metallics but would still like to see what people are using.
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    If you're using enamel or solvent paints, most clear's will attack the metallic paint. I've used Future/Pledge acylic floor wax on many of my metallic projects and though it might slightly dull the surface, it's still metallic (chrome becomes polished metal) I've applied it with a airbrush, paintbrush/sponge, spray bottle and even just dipped parts in a tub of the stuff.

    For your black issue, you'd need to stay away from matte and semi matte clearcoats, the way they break up the light reflected back will often make your black seem grey.
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    That is because they contain talcum powder and it does indeed 'gray' blacks out...

    Sadly if you want to get the best results you are going to have to invest in the proper equipment to use the higher end products you can only do so much with rattle cans... But, with an airbrush you can move into automotive 2K finishes that are FAR, FAR superior...

    On that note, I'M NOT ENDORSING THIS PRODUCT as I have never used it but it's kinda the in between, it's a 2K paint in a rattle can... You still get the negatives of the rattle can but at least you get a superior paint inside, so in theory it should be a step up... Just remember it's a 2K paint, and single use, once you mix it you need to use it, as it will cure inside or outside the can either way...

    SprayMax 2K Urethane Aerosol Clear Coat
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    Chroma Clear from DuPont.

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