What are Muppets made of?


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I wanna find the short fuzzy fabric Sesame Street characters are made of, i've got foam spheres for the heads and maybe find some good wire for the arms (besides the wire hangers i got) but need to find the right kind of fuzzy they're made from

That too. They don't usually show you the back alleys of Sesame Street. :D

What character are you thinking of making?
Ernie lol.

Just the basic "skin" type of them. Me and friends wanna make some crazy vids with muppets, but not screen used or the cheap-ace toy ones. We got some voices down, so anything close to ANY of the muppets will do :)
Antron Fleece can be really hard to come by but you can use polar fleece (and other kinds) from most fabric stores. They have a similar look. Good luck!
Antron Fleece is probably near impossible to come by now, last I heard they stopped making it again. Along the lines of what MrBarlow said, anything that covers the puppet as you like it will probably work. After all there are a number of muppet type puppets that have fur and the fur isn't antron fleece. The reason for the Antron Fleece on actual muppets was that it was specially formulated to reflect light in a way that worked best with their television cameras and studio lighting. Even so, it's an icing on the cake sort of thing. If you're going down the route of building muppet type puppets I would highly recommend The Foam Book
....and expensive when you can find it.

You will probably have to use another type.

Post some Pics when you are done!

Antron Fleece can be really hard to come by but you can use polar fleece (and other kinds) from most fabric stores. They have a similar look. Good luck!
Antron fleece is also great because sewing seems are very easy to hide in it (Kermit had a seam down the middle of his face), you can get the same effect with different fllece, but the Antron stuff works great.

The Henson stitch
Yup, Antron. Same stuff I use on mine.


Fantastic stuff. It stretches to fit and is very easy to sew and hide the stitching.
Beautiful work, Trent! Are you using "new Antron" or the original/discontinued version?

I've had Muppet-style puppets on my todo list since I was about 5...and I think I may just have to do it now, seeing your work! (It doesn't hurt that I have a friend with Antron connections...he's already forewarned me on the price of the original stuff)

What did you use for your mouthplate there?

That guy and one other one I've done are made with the original stuff. A couple others are the revamped fleece. It's still very similar and almost as good. It stretches better but looks more synthetic and has more of a sheen to it.
The mouthplates are thick styrene lined with doe suede and have a rubber strap with foam and chamois lining along with a curved grip and a textured pad for the finger tips on the inside for comfort and better grip.
Trooper_Trent, where did you get your antron from? I got mine from Georgia Stage, just wondering what other options might be out there.
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