Weathered Aayla Secura saber AOTC


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Lesternessman Progress Report

Dremel polishing 101--------------------------------------------------------F

This was not the intended outcome of this project of course. I was practicing my dremel polishing skills on the saber I favor least in my collection. I was hoping to polish up the stem on my Obi and didn't want to attempt it without giving it a go on something else. Glad I did. Here's what I ended up with. I had made a couple irrevisible blemishes onto the saber so I went with the idea that why not make it look like a "foreign alien" metal, similar to tree bark in that it would have an organic feel to it. I used some aluminum black to age it. Who ever said the saber was not recovered....? :eek

I still need to add a new LED bar but other than that I think I'll leave this one alone. :D


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Looks great. One question I always have when looking at weathered props is if the prop was supposed to have been weathered from sitting somewhere or weathered from being used. Yours looks like weathered from sitting. Something like a saber is supposed be used and therefore your hands would be causing weathering AND wear, at least on/around the grip area. Yours has even weathering over the entire saber.


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this has a little of both, therefore, I would have to say it has 1) battle damage from Geonosis and 2) weathered from sitting once it was lost in battle, which would lead to why she appears to have upgraded to the Ki saber in ROTS...