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I've decided to dive into the world of prop making. Since I'm brand new to all this the first source for prop ideas I thought of was Warehouse 13 seeing as some of the artifacts could be fairly easy to replicate with some minor adjustments to everyday objects.
The first thing I've decided to replicate is the neutralizer (otherwise known as the goo or purple stuff). I've already figured out a way to replicate the neutralizer itself however I'm a bit at a loss for how to display it. My initial idea was to display it in one of those glass jars with the flip lid, and I was going to print out some labels and weather them. However, the jar just isn't clicking with me story wise. It doeasn't seem like something they'd store neutralizer in.
Do you have any ideas? I want it to be a see through container of some sort for display purposes.
A clear jar may not seem like a scientific container, but if you want to have a little fun with it, you could find a ring or something at a thrift store and suspend it in the neutralizer. There are plenty of labels flying around and you could write something like, "Effect unknown. Artifact unstable." that would add to the feel a bit. Other than that, perhaps a conical beaker with a plug would have a nice look to it.
Thanks for the suggestion. I like your idea of suspending an artifact inside the neutralizer.
I also posted this question on Tested.com's maker forum, and I got a cool suggestion there too. They suggested that I use a clear acrylic tube with steel, or brass caps on either end, and I think I'm gonna go with that idea though I may incorperate your artifact idea too.
Perhaps a variation of the old glass "fire grenade" with neutralizer inside the globe. A little display stand with a label saying "USE ONLY IN ARTIFACT EMERGENCY" or something would look really cool and would fit in with the "Warehouse 13" timeline type stuff.
That could be really cool! I'm considering making a couple different neutralizer displays just because of all the cool ideas I'm hearing. Maybe I could do like a sort of "neutralizer canisters throughout the ages" display. I could have some designs that even call back to the previous Warehouses. Though I may be getting a bit too enthusiastic for my budget haha.
Very true. I think I'm going to play around with the "canister through the ages" idea and sketch it out, and if I have to scale back after the fact I will, but at least I'll have the designs for later. Plus I'm super excited about it!
Great ideas, keep it up!

We all have budgets, so even if you can't afford all of your ideas right away, you'll have your sketches and other ideas recorded so you can work on them over time. Find bits and bobs here and there and before you know it, BOOM... item done!
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