Wanted to show of Stromtrooper costume with Blastermarks


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My personal goal was to make it look the stormtrooper was in battle on ground rather than desert i chose oil and smoke appearence as weathering by using paint spray and spunge.
Before i did all of that i open my window in my room and i started heating up the blastmark with a torch lighter. It made the plastic soft in the area i was heating. (PS make sure the point is above the lighter to get a round mark. If you want a strafeshot tilt the armor the way you want it to be stafeing.
Once you heat up the armor it will become soft in that area. Press with your thumb (watch heat) or other item to make the dent in the armor. In some areas tear of the plastic from behind and you will get a hole going trought all depending on how seriouse damage you want. Other areas like the back i heated it ut from the outside first then forced it inward. I then toor apart the plastic from the inside and then heated it up again to force the plastic back outwards to make it look like it was a direct hit and it was a blowback from the iterior comonents of the armor. I use radio and old computer boards and glued them on the inside of the armor. So when people look at the damage they dont just se a hole.. They accually se something making them ask them self allot more questions that just a hole.

Let me know your thoughs. PS. I plan to buy a small smoke machine to make the back pack shoot some smoke out to make it look like its just recently hit. Whats your thoughts on this.



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OUCH. Looks like they hurt.

Seriously, though. Great concept and execution. And a nice way to stand out from the other troopers. Bravo.


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clever- I like the circuit board behind the blast hole effect-I imagine some systems will be failing on that TK's suit..

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You know, that's the first time i have seen this done and it looks authentic, the armor was suppossed to be designed for deflecting glancing laser blasts according to the VD, i think it looks like a very authentic battle damaged trooper
Nice one


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Thank you for the comment. :)
I am willing to listen to all solutions and ideas people made.
My main problem is that i have no idea were to place my Rom-FX from John in my suit to make it accessible as well as it is easy to hook up to the costume. The idea is to make the buttons on the stomack integrate the buttons from the ROM FX to the buttons so when i push the button on the stomack then sound comes out.

Any ideas?


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That looks great. Those hits really do look real. Also the circit board idea is sweet .

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Ive seen the circuit board done someplace else and ive always thought it was a great idea. This kind of serves as a reminder to me that I need to do this some day. Looks great....


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Nice to see troper armor taking hits the way it should. Were this from the film story, that calf shot alone would have greased him a half a second.

Nice work.


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I might recommend you back off on the levels adjust in Photoshop... your suit will stand out much better when the whole image isn't a sea of 255,255,255.

Looks very nice.