Vortex Voice Board

Al May

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your guidence is needed,
Is there any of you who have bought and mounted a vortex voice amp from Hyperdyne Labs I have just bit the bullet and bought one and i'm over the moon it is amazing, I got it with a vader chip installed to it and am itching to use it with my costume on, however because of the price and delicacy im a bit concerned i may break it,Has anyone out there bought one and encased it in a box?if so where did you put the amp and speaker?, I want to try to get the speaker in the helmet somewhere but need someone's experience to guid me........please advise if you can.


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I mounted my board in one of those AOL thick DVD cases with industrial velcro backing and cut a hold for the mike & amp plugs. Has worked well. Mounted my amp on the back of my belt (the same way Anthony Daniels does when he's C3PO - Yes, Don Bies has said that 3PO talks out of his butt), so it was good enough for my Vader.

Email or PM Jim (Hyperdyne), as he's probably the king of suggestions from folks who've bought his board.


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I have one. I bought a project box from Radio Shack and mounted battery clips in it and grinded out holes in the box for the wire feeds and the on/off button. I mounted clips on the outside which I then fasten to the back of my belt.

I use the Hisonic HS 125 waistband amplifier. It is superior to the Radio Shack ones and is smaller than the the Newton. It is also black so it is easy to add clis to and clip it to the side of your belt. Just remember to follow Hyperdynes instructions on using the board with these types of amplifiers. It is different than just hooking it up to the Radio Shack one.

Hope that helps.



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Ive had in the inside of my trooper bucket for many event for three years, just velcroed to the top, np whatsoever from it.