Van Helsing Muffler

Doc Graves

New Member
Alright, despite the fact that I rather intensely dislike this movie, ever since I saw it I have been a big fan of the dark gray wool muffler that the title character wore in the opening scene. It had embroidered or burned into it an eye with suns rays coming forth, in the spirit of the Masonic All-Seeing Eye.

Has anyone made one of these, and, if so, what procedure did you use? Do you have any screen-caps showing this costume piece, and would you be willing to post them? Did you embroider, or have the work done? And, if you had it done, how did you contract that? Better yet, is a really good one commercially available? The fact is, I am stitching-challenged, and am generally willing to trade hard-earned cash in order to avoid it.
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