Vader belt buckle


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I am posting this in the prop forum only because this is a prop, kind of. I am gathering info on this baby so that I can have one made, or make one myself as a real belt buckle, for every day wear. So if this needs to move, by all means mods please move it. Thanks.

Here are a few pics I found.




Sorry for the bad pics, they're all I could find in the few minutes I looked. I am sure there is even a better pic of the ROTS buckle but didn't really look for that one. If you can find one please post it. I am partial to the ANH one myself. So just to make this clear I want one of these to be a real buckle that I can wear with a black leather belt. With the hook and loop on the back of it so to fit the belt. Let the games begin.


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I machined one out of 6061 aluminum but downsized it a bit to make it more wearable(not to mention I am only 5'7") and put it on a dress belt. Only die hard SW fans seem to notice but those who do seem to like it.

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I made my 'everyday belt' with Russrep's buckle.
So far, only two people recognised it as being Vader or even SW.
However, quite a few like the design and ask where to get one :)



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I thought this was silly at first, then I looked in my closet at all of my silly looking belts and thought hey that would be a great idea, it would be kinda ultra modern, and only people in the know would appreciate it for what it is. Im going to get one now. Are the Russrep all metal, and what do they cost ?



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On ebay sitharmor sells billet vader buckles for $18 + $4 shipping. Hard to beat that price. Wish I would have seen those before I put all that time into machining mine.