"V" Visitor Costume-Need Pattern and Reference

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by kitt1, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. kitt1

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    I want to put together a "V" Visitor uniform. Does anyone have a pattern for this or good reference. Also need to know where to get the belt, boots, and gun.

  2. Atin_TX6203

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    Im not to sure where to get a pattern for the uniform.
    Boots and belt, I need to go and look at my DVD again to remember.
    The patches are available at most patch places on the web and also at Dcon in Atlanta usually.
    The blasters, which are kewl... you can find online sometimes as a garage resin kit. It is one of the few projects Im trying to do while learning to sculpt.
    I have seen resin kits at different conventios, but the accuracy Im unsure of as I didnt get good chance to study them.

    V was awesome, atleast until they did the series :lol

    If you find any info about the boots, belt and uniform, please post...
  3. troopermaster

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    Have you tried asking HERE

    I'd like to own a shocktrooper uniform,they are very cool. I used to love 'V' in the 80's,I got to get the dvd set sometime :p
  4. Apollo

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    Check the Junkyard for the Gun. Someone was offering a few from Matsuo's last run of them.

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