USS Missouri


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Hey all,

Does anyone build model battleships? I'm starting the Tamiya 1/350 scale Missouri and the Enterprise.

I've seen some sites online that have some great pics of people's models, but since this is my home, I wanted to see what you all had.

Or any sites you would recommend.

And what's a good alternate color for deck blue?? I don't want to mix 3 colors...


I work mostly in 1/144 scale. I have been working off n on for many years on my RC U.S.S. Nimitz. She is 8 feet long nearly 2 feet wide and has a complete hanger deck with a full 80+ air wing. I started the same scale U.S.S. Missouri but she has a long way to go. I am however toying with the idea of doing a 1/350 Arizona Memorial over the sunken ship.
Sweet, my old ship. ( Nimitz) Final countdown was what got me to join the Navy.

As for the Missouri, i scratched a 6 footer years back. post it up look forward to seeing what you got.

If you're talking ENTERPRISE, are you speaking of the CV-6? If so here is a pic of a scratch built 1/96 scale "Gray Ghost" that I did a few years back.
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