Upgrade Kits for MEDICOM SPINNER (Bladerunner)


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Is anyone going to release a resin/plastic upgrade parts kit for the newly released MEDICOM FUTURE CAR (the Bladerunner Spinner as seen in BAck To The Future)?

The toy is about 9 inches long but does not have any of the police lights or decal markings of the Spinner, but my guess is it won't be long before someone releases an uograde kit.

If so, please contact me: teckel@bellsouth.net

To see the toy, type in MEDICOM FUTURE CAR or MEDICOM SPINNER on e-bay -- I've seen some listed there.


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I wrote this for another forum but thought it would help here also:

The inside info I got about this from some of my Japanese buddies is that Medicom (or friend company) is going to release shortly the "police conversion" kit. I was told it would have a lighting package (not sure which lights), interior detail pieces, and decal sheet. The decals are basically a high quality sticker sheet and can go on a black or blue base color. They won't say this but it was Medicom's plan all along to avoid the BR Partnership this way. Geometric (remember them?) got Weaver to sign off on her Ripley likeness the same way. She ended up holding a MT (what she wanted) but the "conversion kit" had the pulse rifle re-fit parts (what fans wanted).

I believe that if Medicom could NOT do this, someone will quickly step to the plate with quality work.


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Thanks for the update Dave. I f any of you own one of Medicom's Spinners you'll notice how intentional and planned are all the holes weree the sirens or light mounts should be. Even the light in the roof can be dissasembled, so that a clear part can replace the black one. The car has screws hidden instead of being glued or snapped, making any custom or replacement work really easy.

By the way, the only things I miss are having the back wings as moving parts and the rear wheels should lower a cm or so to be in a proper "land" configuration.

Its seems to me that the Medicom people knew exactly what they were doing and why ... letting there the clues for the true fans to be found.

In case you didn't know, Medicom is releasing this month a clear blue version of the Spinner

best regards to you spinner fans!
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