Untitled Pred Bio Concept


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I drew this yesterday and didn't have anything in mind besides a cyborg style! Added colors and it started to remind me of a Ferrari! Lol
Let me know what you all think and if its worthy of bringing to life!
It would look awesome with a more natural and aged rustic color scheme also!
Hope you all enjoy

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I like the look of it.  In a bronze colour scheme it would remind me of a Spartan helmet from 300.
I like it.  it def has a cyborg feel to it.  i also really like the big visor/lens area.
 im not crazy about the plated cheeks.  but that's just my opinion.  if you were to close the mouth area, what would you do?
Thanks fellas. It's just a concept mask! The shape is based off the p1 so it will work on a mask. The entire bio will most likely be traditional predator colors! Im still working on other ideas for it! I wanna see if it gains interest before I sculpt it.
Kammo, the stacking plate effect you have incorporated in this design makes me think of either crustacean or a cool elfish armor motif. I would like to see this in a green patina color scheme! It also has a FOOSE flair to it. Love it man.
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