Ultraviolet exact sunglasses


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Hello everyone, haven't posted in a while... but I came across these and thought somebody might be interested. They are Hugo Boss sunglasses. I was at premiereprops.com and I saw that they had a pair of utraviolet sunglasses, so I read the description and they said that they were Hugo Boss. One thing led to another and I found what seems to be the exact same pair. http://www.framesdirect.com/framesfp/Hugo_...-lboirj/lb.html

You'd want to get the light grey/clear silver pair as see here:

she had a few different tints on that pair, so you can experiment, and make sure to look at a Hugo Boss store to see them in person. She wore another style of glasses in the movie, a kind of shooting/sport glasses look. I still haven't identified them, but they're supposed to be "Oliver" sunglasses. Well, there you go.