UK/US/State Customs


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Hi all, since this is an international community, and based on what I read about poor Ketzer and his son, before I attempt this I am hoping someone knows some answers. I have been planning on ordering this great custom fan made E11 stormtrooper blaster from someone in England who uses castings from a genuine sterling. You get a rifle that is mostly 95 percent metal, except for the grip which is resin, but unlike the MR, the trigger moves, and there is a movable spring loaded cocking handle. You also get a magazine made from a sten gun magazine. I am going to be sending him a hasbro blaster, which im assuming because its a toy, there wont be any firearms issues. But to get his gun into the states, well, I know its a non firing( hell theres no way to make it fire as far as i know) gun but it does have that sten mag, and it looks like a gun, its even metal. Im afraid first of all that US customs will keep it or destroy it, or that when its on its way to Massachusetts it will get destroyed because we have wacky gun laws here. Like for example you cant even buy a magazine for any gun here unless you have a liscence to carry a firearm. Any advice? Should I contact the post office, or the bureau of alchohol tobacco and firearms( who I imagine sit around all day smoking, drinking, and firing guns off into the air all day)? He told me to write that the blasters are a gift so he doesnt have to pay duty, which Im fine with, but I want to make sure he still gets them after that. Any help here would be hot. Thanks.