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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Tom1971, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Tom1971

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    Could someone tell me if the new released Enterprise C model is the right size in regards to the standard Movie Enterprise Model? It seems there are several sizes. Did they re-release the first larger one??

    Also Does anyone know the history of the "First Contact" Enterprise C model??

    I have a resin Enterprise C model made back before First Contact came out. I was very excited to find it as that is the only one they had not made. The story I was told was the guy who made it was asked to make one for first contact for the Enterprise trophy case and know one had made one. Then he made and offered them as kits. I actually had two but my built one got trashed.

    Never gave it much thought as I was happy just to find it. Anyway First Contact came out and there it was. The same model.

    Anyone know who, if for sure, etc.


  2. Jm419

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    It's the Enterprise D that's the TNG ship. Not the C. The C shows up in one episode, but Jean-Luc Picard captained the Enterprise D.
  3. Tom1971

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    Let me clarify. I'm asking about the Enterprise C. Never mentioned D. The first Enterprise C model AMT did was larger than a second, later release. They seem to have re-released both. I was asking if the size of the actual model is close to the size of the classic Enterprise A model.

    To put it more simply I'm asking how big the 1/1400 Enterprise C by AMT is?

    Sorry if my first post is confusing.
  4. b26354

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    The new Round 2 model is 1:2500. The old AMT (re-released by Platz in Japan with some alternate parts to make other Ambassador class ships) is 1:1400.

    So, if I understand your question: The new enterprise C is smaller than the old one.
  5. DB537


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    The original larger scale Enterprise C kit is 1:1400 scale, the same as the D.
    Here is a chart I found that shows them all in scale:
  6. Tom1971

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    Thanks for the help guys.
  7. trekman1017

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  8. b26354

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    cool - didn't realise round 2 had just re-released the 1:1400 scale one.

    Here are some pics from my build of the Platz 1:1400 version
    Platz Enterprise-C
  9. Angelus Lupus

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    This is the re-release I've been waiting for! Too bad Xmas has gone, LOL.
    Nice looking decals for battle-damaged Enterprise-C.

    Looking forward to seeing build threads of this model while I save up and try ad find somewhere in the UK to buy it.

    PS: b26354, nice build of the Ent-C!
  10. trekriffic

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  11. tgreco

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    so the Round 2 Enterprise C/Yamaguchi reissue that's listed as 1/350 scale is actually 1/1400 scale?

    nevermind... I see it's a typo on the site I was looking at....
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