Transformers: Rise of the Beasts


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My problem with the Beast Wars was having two Optimus Prime's one episode they find G1 optimus and he is huge in comparison in In this movie they are relatively the same scale but thats not the main problem i's two Optimus Primes. For the people who hated Optimus dying in the 86 movie and handing the Matrix over to Magnus, i can't imagine how they feel about two at the same time...sort of cheapens it a bit for me...perhaps they are preparing for Cullen's departure(That will be very sad) and we know it's inevitable but with the modern tech if they can do face over's then voice over's shouldn't be a problem not that i like that idea at all. No one can replace Cullen and Welker...or Chris Lotta for that matter. As we know, the Matrix ended up choosing Hot Rod which i love and we had a completely new Prime...Rodimus. I can swallow that pill a lot better than two optimus primes(Please don't correct me with "Primal"). I didn't like what they did on Netflix and i don't like it here. I actually liked the Machinima story a bit better with Starscream, Perceptor, Rodimus, Optimus Prime and Windblade. I will say the beasts in this movie look phenominal...Airazor looks amazing. Mirage? With a car mode of G1 If you're gonna do G1 then do it right.
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