tools for styrene sheet


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hi so i have a project i am woking on and i need to fabricate a octagonal ring that is 6mm thick. my idea is to use 1.5 mm styrene sheet and then layer it to get the desired thickness, but using an exacto knife is taking a little longer than expected. can onyone sudgest another tool i could use as the interal and external cuts need to be precise.

many thanks


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I use a multipurpose scribing tool to make deep scribe lines with a few passes then use the xacto to cut through then sand the edges clean.


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Get it laser cut if it needs to be precise........or use the dremel on
the inside, but don't dremel all the way up to the line on the inside
leave room to finish it off with a file. Somethings just take time......:thumbsup
You could use 3mm plastic also spend less time layering then you only have
one seam around the outside to deal with, instead of multipals where the
plastic is layered .


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thank youb all for your advice, i dont have my dremmel with me atm but will use that for the inside. i would love to get a laser cutter but cant afford one at this point
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