Tony Stark "Heart" ring scratch build.


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Hello all
i know these are old news now but I have decided to build one to go with my arc reactor. I'm using a clear cd spindle plastic spacer. It's the same size as a cd which will fit nicely. I went to Avery labels downloaded the cd label maker and placed the text in the right spots. I know the text is Optima but Avery doesn't have it but I used a text I thought was close. Did a test print and it looks pretty close I think. I'm going to print this on clear film and stick it to the clear cd. I'll cut out the plastic then paint it silver or aluminum. The place the clear Fim on it. Here's pics

the pic is just a test print on paper to make sure the text fits. I figure this method just cost me ink clear label and time. Any suggestions or comments welcome


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That was my own creation not happy with it now. Gonna build another soon. Just trying it with the ring to see how it looks. The Arc was last years Halloween project.
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