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    Hi, sorry if this is not proper thread for this subject. I'm trying to making a motocross rider and bike display. I want the mannequin to look like the actual rider, not a mannequin thrown on a bike. How do you make the clothing lay properly on the form? How can you twist it like a human body can contort? I was thinking i could do the duct tape form with a person in the position the rider would be on the bike. Would this work? Would the form hold to that shape? I've found mannequin heads on eBay. Can they e modified to look more like the actual individual? This is a really cool site! Thanks for any suggestions and help.
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    You might look for mannequins in cycling positions, they could easily be transfered into motocross mannequins.
    Cybercycle - Cycling Mannequins

    Welcome to the RPF, I´m sure others will chime in to help you out! :)
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