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    Thought I would inject a bit of Brit onto the scene,here's my scratch built 12 inch TARDIS I built for a client.
    It's made entirely from balsa wood apart from the door handles and hinges which were fashioned from bent and crimped paper clip wire,the graphics were supplied to me full size so had to fiddle with them on the pc to get them the to the correct size.
    Jelly baby anyone?? :D

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  2. Clerval

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    I think that I saw this piece on SMF as well, no...? It's a great piece of work and very 'inspirational' if you take my meaning. Wonderful to see new WHO work pop up, thought I'd be carrying the torch alone here in the States, even after the new series started.

    I hope others pitch in here and elsewhere with DW work. Lots to be got at.

    EDIT: Hey.... TROne... it is you. 's me... vfx.... glad to see you here. :)
  3. Kerr Avon

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    Very impressive work. Could easily be a standin for the show's miniatures that have been used.
  4. Vandark

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    nice work, I can't get enough of Tardis replicas.

    I'd never scratch built anything before, but I decided to have a go at building a Tom Baker era Tardis out of paper and card, because i'd never seen one done before.

    I'd built it, so that the roof signs, windows, door sign and roof lamp would light up.

    It was almost finished and I was just testing out the lighting, when I noticed some light escaping through some holes, so I filled them in with some wood filler and left it over night.

    When I got up the next day, the whole model had warped like a bananna, because of the wood filler..

    Once I sort out the warping, i'll post some pics of it.
  5. Zaphod

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    I'm a journeyman woodworker. Any chance on seeing the plans for this great scale model of yours?
  6. voncougar

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    this is one fantastic piece. by 12" do you mean 1/6 scale, or it's 12" high?
    i'm a 1/6 'modeler', and a fan of the new Dr. Who series, and I was thinking how awesome this would be in 1/6 when I came upon your model...WELL DONE.
    do you have the 1/1 dimensions? if not, I'm going to search for them. you put a new project on my to-do list :)
  7. one138

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    Hey guys...
    The plans for this model were taken from an old book called "The Dr Who Technical Manual" it's just basically a line drawing of one side of the box but the dimensions are pretty near perfect,it's just a case of visualising it in 3d then putting it together,so in short the plans are in my head,so to speak....

    The model is 12 inches high but I think the prop I based it on is about 9 foot high,I'm crap at math so not sure what scal that would make..1/8 scale maybe.....?
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    That's exactly how I built mine.

    I actually built two at the same time (to save my sanity I had the window mullions laser cut.) and traded the second one off for a full set of Lodoss War DVD's. Good trade if you ask me.

    Nice work you've done there. Great hardware on the doors. Love the tiny hinges..

  9. one138

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    Yeah, the mullions... So many cuts... I'ts actualy put me off doing another for a while,I was kinda hoping that I might be able to buy some kind of ready cut strips of plastic or something but laser cutting them sounds like a great idea....

    By the way any chance of a pic of your model??

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