The Sci-fi Spacesuit Discussion Thread

My fiirst thought is it could be a piece used in a different show but I think it is far more likely that the entire suit was built for the show. I have seen comments from some of the shows prop people having built parts of the costumes but I don't have any links to share. You could try doing a search for 'Space:1999 costumes' here on this site.
It almost looks like that ventilation hose ,they use for when people are working in confined spaces . There was a lot of surplus military and aerospace stuff around back then , so it could be something like that .
I wonder where you can get a neck gaiter like that ? I've been looking , I'm sure it was something common .
Those look pretty crude. Does not seem to be a "surplus part".
A fairly simple way you could make those, is get some florists foam (rigid urethane foam) and carve the neck piece. Then cover it with drywall plaster, let it dry and sand it to a finished shape.
Now paint latex rubber on it. If you do it in layers (drying in between) and you are carful with brush strokes, you can make a fairly smooth surface (at least as smooth as the 1999 originals). If you get a cheap spray gun from Harbor freight, spraying the latex would be better.
Once dry, powder the latex with baby powder, peel it off the plaster form and powder the inside and there you have it.
If you dye the latex, you can make them in the red or yellow.
Moon Zero Two (1969)

Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 11.45.59 PM.png
Well, that movie was made just after Alien with the same studio and crew...Martin Bower as a main model maker. It's in the same design idea of an Off-World mining's been described as "High-Noon" in space(y)
I've prolly told this story before but mums electro plating company she worked for did some electroplating work on a set of coach lights for the movie for a scene ultimately not filmed/seen in the movie. I was invited to the set but... And I still regret was too shy to go. Defoe a High Noon vibe I think even Sean described it so in an interview..
It's one of my favourite films and I always in my mind lol saw it as same universe as Alien.
Yes, not bad as suit; better than the ones in the UFO series.

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I love those suits, were they not recycled from the another Scifi movie?
Destination moon maybe?
I just remember it being very 60s Inspired with a strong Jerry Anderson vibe and Bernard breslaw being a baddy in it?
Anyhoo.. I liked those soft silver upvc/vinyl/latex suits

It was the 60s man! less about accuracy more about flair... and cool dancing!
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#4 Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)

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I had a different suit planned for tonight, but was having problems getting screenshots, so I turned to one a BluRay that features a suit I love from my childhood.

I’m a little biased, because I remember watching this movie on tv when I was a kid at my grandmother’s house while waiting for all of the family to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner. Ignoring all of that, I really like this suit. I think it’s the black and silver highlights that do it for me, along with an awesome backpack. I think it’s cool that the hero is wearing black and that the suit isn’t white, yellow, blue, or some other bright color.

Is the suit (and the movie) realistic? Nope. Is the suit (and the movie) awesome? I think so.

I like that the helmet feels like something real (I’m pretty sure that it is a real pilot’s helmet).

The suit has some interesting zippers (I like how the teeth are exposed to give some silver highlights. The material of the suit look more like wind suit material (I’m sure that it isn’t) and is tailored more like a flightsuit.

The gloves don’t sell at all to me. I like in this movie how they explain some of this away with saying there is limited atmosphere. Explains how he can take the gloves off, I guess. The watch is a different choice. I don’t remember seeing too many spacesuits with watches.

The backpack is great and really looks like something someone would carry around to provide oxygen from a tank. I would love to make a replica of this backpack sometime, as it has a functional look to it. It also has a feeling of a pack that a comic artist might draw for a spaceman.

Speaking of tech, the video/audio recorder he has in this movie is pretty retro-cool.

Anyone remember this movie or have any thoughts?
Adam West
Re used War of the World modified ships and sound effects.. What's not to love!
It's one of a handful of movies permanently on my phone.
But the real joy is watching it on a Big arse HD projector
Tested has up their Spacesuit Thursday video.
I know next to nothing about Star Trek, but that Spock suit is gorgeous.

LOVE the use of model kit-bashed electronics / control panels; I feel like those sell to the eye way better than a lot of custom sculpts.
Armageddon helmet / suit concepts from the making-of featurette, by illustrator James Carson:

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Looks as though the original idea might have been a two-part visor, requiring that seam piece running from the ears to the chin?

Also came across a relevant portion of the director's commentary; perhaps explains how Global came to make the gloves.

Planet of storms but with Moon Zero Two coloration for me.

To this day….the Apollo suits still look frightening. I love them.
An all time favorite. I know there's a 1960's action figure that had a version of this, but I first saw the design in a book from the Time/Life nature library. I've seriously considered building a full size reproduction, but it doesn't look like it'd be much fun to wear.

An all time favorite. I know there's a 1960's action figure that had a version of this, but I first saw the design in a book from the Time/Life nature library. I've seriously considered building a full size reproduction, but it doesn't look like it'd be much fun to wear.

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That looks like Major Matt Morgan on steroids!

I think you should make it, looks cool!
I loved these SO much! :love: These go hand in hand with my earliest memories and dreams of space and spacesuits.

Tested has up their Spacesuit Thursday video.

Once again, I’ve not had a moment to view it but it looks like a winner.
Fantastic to see the Spock spacesuit up close. I am not a huge fan of Star Trek in general but love Star Trek : The Motion Picture ( many of the vfx crew went on to Blade Runner and also includes work by Syd Mead ).
That suit had many hands in its design but those colour studies are by Jack Johnson, Apogee.
Brilliant to see the use of model parts as detail - some very familiar and well known pieces.


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