The Right Stuff Mercury Capsule mini weight


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In the scene where Gus Grissom is sitting in the bar bragging about the pieces he will be taking up to space and they show several paper weight tiny pieces of the Mercury Capsule. Has anybody ever made these or would anyone want to take up a project like this if there is enough interest?


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I too want one of those tny metal capsules....I wonder what scale it is?....
probably 1/144 or 1/100....just curious

Mr. Nagata

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I'd be interested in a couple of these too. They were metal in the movie. Apparently Grissom really did take dimes and some mercury capsule trinkets up into space with him. I saw one of the capsules that he supposedly took up with him on display at the Astronaut Hall of Fame in Florida. But it looked nothing like the one on the movie. It was gold colored (or brass) and had more detail on it than the trinkets they used in the movie.