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The Original Tramp


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Man, that's brilliant! I'm surprised that it's on eBay though and not in a reputable auction house.




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To quote Joe Maddelena from ever episode of Hollywood Treasures...."That is the most iconic movie costume of all time!"


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Something about that auction description doesn't sound right to me.
I'm going to look into it further, but they mention: "whilst they were filming for the Alfred Karno Company."

Fred Karno was a vaudeville producer Chaplin worked with before he got into film. The Tramp debuted when he was at Keystone studios.

Also doesn't match the Tramp's first official film appearance:


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Exactly. It would have nothing to do with The Tramp costume assembled in LA on his first days with Sennett.

It looks to me like they have assembled bits and pieces of purported Bille Ritchie costumes and are packaging it as this, meaning the cane and the shoes do not belong. That cane has been auctioned serveral times for little money.

Also, if memory serves, the original Ritchie costume was sold back in the 80s, in London, right from the family and came with letters.

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