The Mirror Mask

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I would like some help tracking down a base on which to make The Mirror Mask. Unfortunatly I don't have the ability to take screen captures. I know that will make it difficult for you good folks to help me out :unsure Perhaps someone else would be kind enough to catch a screen cap or two? The mask is never really show very clearly. It's also highly reflective (it is the Mirror Mask after all :lol ) and is lit to obscure it. I'm sure they did it to add to the mystical nature of the mask. While the lack of a good, clear, detailed image will make an exact reproduction difficult (unless someone manages to get their hands on the screen used prop), it does open this piece up some artist license... and I'm just fine with that.

Since I don't have pics, I'll try to provide a reasoinable description. This is a full face mask, from under the chin to above the forhead. The sides stop just before the ears. The facial features have been idealized and sharpened. The surface is perfectly smooth with a silvery, mirror finish.

I do not expect to find this mask. What I hope to achieve is a base that is as close as possible to reduce the amount of time and effort that I will have to put into "resculpting" it.

Here's what I've found so far:

The first two might even be the same mask just from different resellers, so that isn't much to work with thus far. The first actually isn't a bad starting point. It has a good sharp edge at the eye brows which can be made even sharper with a little putty work. The forehead is much too low, and it will be tricky extending that compound curve.

I know this isn't a lot to go on. I'm hoping enough of you have already seen the movie to help, and perhaps someone could assist with screen caps.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and for any help you can provide in finding a good base mask to work from.


Okay, hopefully this will help some. The Quicktime movie trailer was still online, so I took some caps from it. They're small, but a lot better than nothing.

The top two give a good look at the sharp edge along the eye brow. The third pic shows the height of the forhead and the sharp edge of the nose. Any help in acquiring a base mask for this project will be greatly appreciated.

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I didn't find anything remotely close on the Party City web site. I'll stop by one of their store locations this week end. Thanks for the tip.

Further searching has turned up this:

The forhead is much better than the previous ones I linked to, but the features are softer and would require a good deal more work. However, I think it would be easier than extending the compound curve of the forhead.

This next one is pretty good:

Obviously the ears will have to be removed. The brows near the nose look good, although they require some building up as you move to the sides of the face. The nose is too soft and will the center ridge built up. This is the best one I've found so far.

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The search goes on. Check this out:

Cut off the moon, and it's almost there. The edges on the features should be harder. The eyes need to be reshaped, but that's so easy it's hardly worth mentioning.


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dunno if this will help much, but a few weeks ago (maybe a month or two?) i stumbled across a spray paint that gave a mirror finish to whatever you sprayed it on.

the only catch was you had to spray the INSIDE of what it was you wanted, or the other non showing side to it. in other words for this mask you would spray inside the mask and it would literally be a mirror mask.

it was on sale at micheals, something like 5$ for the kit (the spray, and a semi gloss finish for the coating).

if you can find a clear plastic that wont melt with spray paint, and can vacform it, you may be able to get this working. or, if possible, check with the guys who do custom glasswork in your area. they may have something pretty close to what you are looking for.

pre katrina, new orleans had a crapload of these stores because those masks were craft projects for all kinda stuff, even in class in school.

i still havent sat down and watched the movie, but i think ill give it a whirl. least the mask looks neat :)

good luck.

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