The Matrix 4!


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A sharp script writer would incorporate that.

Agent Smith: "Do you remember phone booths being common in the past, Mr. Anderson? After you stirred up that last fiasco we put smartphones into the Matrix to get rid of them."
They did use those Nokia branded flips too.. Maybe it was a hark back/nostalgia code written in to keep more tethered to the grid..


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Smartphones transmit a million times more digital data, and a million times faster, than landlines ever could.
I don't see an issue.


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With all the AI discussion going around, wouldnt it be more efficient for the machines to use humans as computers to run programs on instead of using humans as power generators?
I always thought that. I never found it plausible humans make any sort of energy source no matter how many of them, certainly nothing even close to being efficient to be practical. But you go with it because reasons. LOL


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It's one of the many reasons this feels like an incredibly dated concept to revive.

Well, with the years passing by faster and faster for the main actors, and depending on food and general lifestyle, I just had the idea that it may be believable that the Machines would probably in Matrix 4collect more and more elderly humans for regenerative bio-energy. Can you imagine an old Neo or Morpheus driving a wind turbine after a night out at an all you can eat Taco place?


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IMO the Matrix's success got a big assist from timing. It was the summer of 1999.

The nerd culture had built itself up for some kind of sci-fi religious experience with Star Wars #1. Then #1 was a huge disappointment to teenagers. They were too old to like Jar-Jar Binks but not old enough to forgive SW for catering to kids. It left a big craving for an R-rated teenager nerd sci-fi thing. The first Matrix happened to be right there to deliver it.

Even the SFX thing was part of it. SW#1 had gotten a lot of press for groundbreaking CGI, and that was true. But the SW effects were made to blend in & not be noticeable. Whereas the Matrix did bullet-time and put it all in your face. It was less advanced than Ep#1's effects but it was flashier.
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Just saw that a few tv spots were uploaded about a week ago and no one added them here (a bit low quality though), as well as the character posters. (says 2 days ago for the posters)

Simple, but, they get the point across.










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With all the fan made posters, some that are done pretty well, its sometimes hard to know what is real or not....which actually works well in the Matrix world.
But, people are saying this ones the real deal. But Morpheus (guessing that it is him) looks like he's dressed up for some Joker cosplay.



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The concept didn't become dated. It was always rickety. We knew it back in 1999.
The original concept was to have human brains be used as CPU/Processors instead of batteries. It was likely changed due to executive meddling/executives believing that the audience would have no idea what processors were and this used batteries since they would be easier to understand.

Would have added another layer of symbolism to the Matrix if human minds were creating society, commenting how its the human mind that imprisons itself.

I always thought it was less that telephone booths can transfer data quicker than mobile phones and more that the heroes needed a hardline to get plugged out of the matrix. Would be less thrilling if the heroes could plug in and out of the matrix from basically anywhere using their smartphone. If hardlines are necessary, maybe it could be wired PCs (although that is more common than phone booths so less thrilling).


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Trailer 2
This is either going to be really awesome, ends and everyones like, nope again.
The visuals look pretty good, but now a days, most big budget movies do.
Can this break the mold and reinvent itself?



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That last trailer seems to imply that theyve been in the Matrix the whole time and never actually got out. Feels like theyre pulling a Bob Newhart "it was a dream all along" which sure would suck.
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Reminds me that back in 2004, a guy I knew wanted me to edit the movies with it ending as a dream.
In my inexperience at the time, I wanted to cram as many scenes into the video and made it 6 mins long.
I think I could probably do it in like 45 seconds for the same idea and effect.

I hope this movie ends up being more creative than just a dream or matrix in a matrix type idea.


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