Limited Run The Mandalorian: Anodized Aluminum Darksaber Hilt - UPDATE 07/08 NOW IN PRODUCTION - **RUN FULL**


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Man, I’m on the original list (position 101) but didn’t make the cut it seems. Don’t remember getting any emails other than a zoom meeting schedule that I wasn’t able to attend. If there’s a second run, I’d love to be on it. If not - I guess I have my deposit already in for a blade from Saberbay that would be hiltless so I could sell it to someone here


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Ok folks, odds and ends are all tied up! It’s right about that time now: the first round of final invoices will go out tomorrow. Be on the lookout !

Update on the second round surface prep and anodizing soon.

“I have spoken” ….. lol

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Payment sent.

Malibu139, Just wanted to say thanks for running this project. The Sabers look great and can't wait to get mine in my hands.
Thank You Sir!:lol:


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Paid, thank you for all your hard work...

So are you sending them straight to get the blades installed, if we opted for the blades, then they will be sent to us?

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