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So I want to do an Iron Spider cosplay but I want it to be memorable. I have no set date for it to be done so if I get one small piece done per month, thats ok as long as it still fits when im done lol

I want it to be able to support me. Im just not sure how to go about doing it. I had one idea where the pieces could be machined or fabbed with actual metal with high tension springs to make a stationary suspension, and then have pneumatic cylinders to contract some joints so i can change between standing and beign suspended.

The only issue is that is out of my skill level, even as a mechanic and electrician.

So I came here to see if anyone had any suggestions. I really want to do this and im sure it can be done within a reasonable budget but I'd like to hear opinions before starting it.
Yeah itll have to be a good harness one that wont fall apart. Might even have to be custom. it could just be statically mounted to the first segments of each leg. since the suspension would come from the springs if I did it that way. That video is awesome (and I love a cute accent)

But yeah not sure what else I could make it out of aside from metal.
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