the Fourth Doctor's Coat Rack(s) (I found one)


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Been doing some research on Four's coat rack. There were at least 5 versions, 4 of which were in the Bentwood style.


the 4th and 5th versions look quite similar, but the proportions are different. Also becomes very obvious they are different when you look at the legs. As you can see below the last one doesn't have a second ring at the bottom. That's the one in Season 16. These images are from "The Armageddon Factor".
Compare it to the one I just bought at an estate sale.


As you can see mine is really close, other than the color the only major difference is the top ring goes below rather than above the hat arms. Not bad for $9. It could do with a refinishing, so eventually it will be the right color.

If anybody has info or better images of the other versions feel free to share.


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Me too! That's been on my "one of these days I'd really like to get one of those" list for a while lol
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