The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dagger - Mehrune's Razor


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I used to be a prop builder like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

But seriously, Skyrim is so hot right now! I was just recently commissioned to build a replica of Mehrune's Razor! This thing is gigantic and awesome. I've been having a lot of fun with the build.

This is the main reference that I've been working from.
View attachment 77635

From that reference and some other in-game shots, I came up with a full scale vector that I printed.
View attachment 77631

As per my usual style, this is is being build with layers of foam PVC.
View attachment 77632
View attachment 77633

Here is the blade and hilt, mostly done and primed (cause it makes it looks pretty).
View attachment 77634


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I love the shrine that you see during the loading screens that shows all 8 of the dragon priests masks... I would love to see someone do that as business card holder or incense holder... I'd also love to see a life size enchanters table.


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Awesome I love this game! This is looking really good so far.

Any chance of doing an Azura's Star?

If somebody could unfold this then it would be entirely possible. PM for the file.



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The holidays are over and I'm back to work on the dagger. Also, I bought a lathe! Weeeee! So, I was able to turn the handle for the dagger. I also added part of an acrylic sphere to the end of the pommel.

View attachment 80580

The whole thing was assembled with a threaded rod and epoxied together. Then I sculpted some Magic Sculpt around the sphere to add the claw detail thing to the pommel.

View attachment 80579


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More progress!
The dagger part is nearly done and I've made big strides on the scabbard. Even though this is a commission for someone else, I'm toying with the idea of making a mold so that I can have one for myself. Is anyone else interested in a copy? =)
View attachment 80774
I added little gems bits to the pommel and the holes are for the claw-looking bits that will be added later.
View attachment 80775
Here is the dagger sheathed.
View attachment 80776
The back of the scabbard will have this handy belt loop.
View attachment 80777


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A little bit more progress today. My wife convinced me that I should mold this thing (I think she wants a copy for herself). So, I added some more detail that I wanted to make sure showed up in every casting. I added some battle damage and grooves on the edge of the blade. I also added some texture to the inner, recessed part of the blade by spraying primer on it and dabbing it with paper towel. I did this three times per side and got a texture that I'm happy with. Then the whole thing got some more primer and a wet sanding for molding!

View attachment 80939


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*obligitory "FUS RO DAH" as you've already taken an arrow to the knee...*

But seriously, nice work :) I'm liking the increase in game item replicas, what with this Skyrim stuff, the ME, Portal and Bioshock stuff. Well designed game items need love too!


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Mehrune's Razor was first seen in the DLC of the same name for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and i loved it then. Awesome prop, and am loving the game prop thread builds :D awesome work :D


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Here's my update! I started testing out the mold. The first one bulged a bunch in the middle so I had to make a skeleton type support for it.

The second one I poured too slowly and ended up with a dagger that was missing half the blade. At first I was bummed, but now I can do this!

View attachment 81480

Third time was a charm. I'll get more photos up of the success soon.


Wow! this looks great love the detail. I have a sword I have to make for a long project im working on and I was just curious what type of foam did you use for this? and what did you use for the handle?

Thanks in advance
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