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I know there are many makers of gloves and many versions, so I thoughy we could have one thread to highlight this collectible.

There are different designs and versions for each film.... Can someone post images of each version and describe the subtle differences of each?

So maybe a lineup of one glove from each film :)


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Anders Eriksen makes some truly impressive Freddy gloves, some of the best available. He offers just about any model of the glove you can think of. I've seen his gloves from parts I, II, III, IV, New Nightmare, and Freddy vs Jason, all amazing, and very well made. No cheap materials used, like with the crappy NECA gloves. Anders runs, check out their Facebook page for pictures.

Facebook Nightmare Gloves Photos

Here's a few shots of the "Diner Glove" from Part IV:





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What I would love to see is a side by side comparison of film gloves showing what makes it a part 1 glove as opposed to a part 3 or new Nightmare.


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Here's a nice part 1 I used to own made by stuff4nightmares:


And a Part 5 signed by Englund, unknown maker:



The differences? I'm no expert but purely based on my observation, the first glove has a really sleek, steak-knife shaped design on the blades. I think the style was pretty much retained through 1, 2 and 3 - possible altered by part 4? Some of the later gloves had chunkier, more rounded blade shapes. Also, from part 5 (possibly 4?) the glove had weld marks and solder runs added to it.

I'm sure there are loads of other small differences - for instance, I think the part 1 glove was held together at the wrist by a safety pin wasn't it?


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Oh god, WAY to much to list here lol. Every movie after pt 2 used multiple gloves. Nightmare 3 used 3 gloves that i have spotted. Nightmare 4 used around 4 gloves, Pt 5 used at least 4 different gloves. Freddy Vs Jason used around 6 different gloves (2 hero gloves, Tons of stunts.) This list goes on.

Here are some of my gloves, They will give you an idea of the major differences.

All gloves below were built by me.

PT 4 A glove movie style

Pt 4 B hero

Pt 4 A hero as it exists today

Pt 5 Hero (Debatable)

VS glove hero

Vs glove Hero stunt (All Plastic)


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I hate to say it, But most builders never built anything close to accurate. So in my opinion %70 of the representations you will see are not close to how the gloves looked in the film. I have a serious eye for detail, And to many builders leave ALLOT to be desired.


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I hate to say it, But most builders never built anything close to accurate. So in my opinion %70 of the representations you will see are not close to how the gloves looked in the film. I have a serious eye for detail, And to many builders leave ALLOT to be desired.

That is an absolute true fact. That being said, I think starting a thread like this is a great idea. It would be nice if everyone up here who has good pictures of screen used gloves is willing to share those pic's in this thread.

I'll go first:)

The ONE AND ONLY NUMBER ONE HOLY GRAIL GLOVE is, as far as I know, owned by a guy named Mike Becker. He's an ultimate NOE- collector.


This is THE glove made for the first movie and also used in the second (and I think it also showed up in the trailer for the third, borrowed as a prop hung on the wall in Evil Dead 2, and got lost after that...)


The knives used for this glove are, I believe, but not 100% sure, oldschool tomato knives:


The biggest difference between the Number One Glove and the ones after, is the proportion of the finger parts and the lenght of the knives.
The knives are actually pretty small and thin. Also the first parts of the fingers (not the tips), are pretty long shaped. Especially compared to the gloves made for the later movies:

Nightmare 5 Glove:


Anyways, so far the info (hopefully correct) and photo's I have for you at this moment. Hopefully more people can share their info on the screen used stuff.

Let's make this thread DEFINITIVE! :)


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Bringing the thread up!
I am new here and wanted to add my freddy krueger glove, purely hand made, Leather Gloves, Stainless Steel Plates and Claws fully mirror polished and the best thing, Laser marked Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger's) Signatures.
Do comment and give your feedback.



Keith Fermin

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That photo of the original glove as it is today is when it was completely changed as apposed to how it was in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Teaser and when robert was on tour


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I'm starting to look at gloves for Halloween and HorrorHound Weekend. Is Anders considered the best glove maker? I have contacted him via facebook and got the details on his prices and wait time. About $100 more than any other maker I've found taking orders but likely worth the extra money.

Besides the glove, does anybody have any info on the proper fedora, pants and boots?


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I ordered one from Dark Dream Design on facebook. After some research, I found a good 8 makers out there with varying prices and turnaround times.


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I would be happy to provide suggestions to anyone looking for a Freddy glove. I have a pretty extensive collection from almost every builder out there and I can give you good advice as to who is more accurate, who is more reliable, how long builders often take to provide the finish product, and how much they typically charge.

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