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Hey guys Castle here again with the need for some more advice. As I stated before at NYCC 2012 me and my friends are planning as going as the new 52 justice league with just about every member you can think of. Now when we think of Superman, who is next but the other half of the worlds finest, Batman. If you guys take a look at the new 52 bat suit the grey parts of the suit resemble that of the dark knight movie. So my questions to you guys are, should we make the grey parts of the suit in fabric or should we make a whole suit from either foam laytex and or rubber or just go with sewing fabric together, and if so should it look EXACTLY like the comic cover or should we make the grey part resemble the "Dark Knight" suit worn by Christian Bale? Its important to ask cause batman is one of those character you just can't screw up. After all... He's the ******** Batman.
I really like the look of Bruce Wayne's new Batsuit, especially the cowl, but honestly I haven't been able to find enough reference images to get a really good look at it. I would say that probably a mix of fabric and foam would work nicely, the abs and lats could probably be done in foam, then have fabric laid over it.
I'm not sure if this is possible but if you really want to get a comic feel I would consider screen printing the pattern and then sewing foam under the suit so you get the shading of the "comic look" with the lines/ definition of the foam.
Is this the one you're talking about?

Knees wouldn't be that bad I don't think. You could just make the knee pad part of the shin armor instead, and have it extended up to cover the knee, it would still look accurate I believe and would allow you full range of motion. Alternatively you could build the knee pad in two parts, bottom and top and hinge them together, or strap a piece of elastic between the two pieces if you didn't want to mess with making a that I think about it, I wonder if a knee brace hinge would work for that.
I was thinking the same, ima see what kinda braves I can find, but I am leaning, and idk if you have seen them cause I just found out about them, they are like these tape on bass for knee support ima see what shapes they have
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