TFA Helmet - Leather Pattern Needed (Progress Pics Added)


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I am very new to prop building and I am working on TFA Helmet. I have purchased a resin shell that needs sanding, painting and the leather portion. I am ready to paint (my first attempt at painting a prop) but I could not find any good pics of the wings or the "A"

What I was hoping for was a good enough copy that I could blow up and print off on sticker paper to make a stencil. Does anyone have a copy they can share or any advice on this project in general?
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Re: TFA Helmet - Need Help

Thanks, I think this will work. I painted the primer coat and the silver coat tonight, I hope to finish painting tomorrow. I'll post pics if it turns out well.
I finished painting today. This is my first time painting a prop, so please let me know what you think.

Also, I am moving on to the leather portion of the mask. I wanted to see if anyone had a pattern they would be willing to share.



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