Temple of Doom - Antidote Vial ?s


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Hey Gang,

Does anyone know, with any semblance of certainty, what the dimensions of the screen used vial are?

I've posted this over at COW, but people prefer to just read the post but not actually answer it. From the old threads I've read, people seem to thinks it's anywhere between 2.5" up to 4" tall. According to them, the "From Star Wars to Indiana Jones" book gives the wrong dimensions on several props, including the TOD vial.

I've been looking into replicating this prop for my own collection, but there are so many sizes of vials out there. There doesn't seem to be any standardization amongst manufacturers, so while a 4 dram vial from one place is size X, a 4 dram vial from another place is size Y.

Before I end up spending $50 on 5 different sizes of vials, I was hoping the experts could chime in.

Thanks in advance,

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Don't know the correct size but it could be scaled out by the fake gems on the top.
There was a thread a few weeks ago with screen caps showing them.

If you have the gems and I'm guessing they are tha regular type you get at the craft store than you can measure them, enlarge the pix and get the correct measurments from there.