TDK Build Assistance please!


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Hey all, After being on the BOTB forum for a few years i thought i would stretch out and join The RPF and after seeing all the awesome topics and info provided by other members i thought i'd add my own Question, even though I've posted in on the BOTB already lol

I Have a Dark Knight armor kit on its way to me in a few weeks from a mate of mine here in Australia, and after searching the forum and looking through all of your various takes and methods on gluing the armor to an under-suit and such i still couldn't find much of anything on how the chest and shoulder bells are attached to each other and the under-suit. My best guess is the chest is glued via straps to the shoulders for more movement and the whole chest system is velcroed to the under-suit and can be removed as apposed to the rest of armor plates.

Let me know what you think :lol

Cheers guys

It's quite complicated if you set it up like the original. A series of cords, velcro, straps but basically the chest, bells and arm pieces all connect together and go on like a set of football shoulder pads.

The chest is 1 piece with straps that go under each armpit, 1 end is glued to the chest, the other end velcroes to the back part of the chest plate. The arms, and bells are connect together via straps and cords, then they attach in a similar fashion to the main chest piece.

I'm still waiting on my suit (probably from the same source), but mine will be pieced together properly. The guy I'm getting it from had the original so knows how it all went together.

Cheers Greg

I imagine your source is also Kris:lol I'm hoping mine will be ready in the next few weeks caus eim just getting the kit which im trimming and fitting myself. Yeah it sounds like a maze of straps and cords but from your description it'll definitelty be do-able. I'll just need to scrape up a reference shot or 2 if someone out there has them lol

Haha i agree spoleweski! He said he does a heap of them, ange I'm considering getting brads mesh suit. Venjix, thats awesome! Cheers for the link. I might even try and give matt a msg to see what he thinks.

Haha no worries. Matt's TDK suit is definitely a master piece. He's a member here as well if that'd be easier to contact
Well mine is mean to be ready by now or at least soon i was told. He takes awhile usually cause of his workload but he always comes through and its worth the wait :cool

I haven't got mine yet, but I imagine soon. He gets alot of work on, especially now it's almost halloween. His quality of work is awesome so dw it's definitely with the wait.
Awesome TiggerStripes. Yeah post some pics once you get it! I'm hoping mine will be here next week providing Kris isn't too busy:)

Cougar184 i've been pointed in the right direction on what to do now i just need to get it done lol Providing i think it through!

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