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I don't know who else saw this movie but A21 is releasing a replica of the severed hand prop used in the movie. It's really cool looking but unfortunately, they've added a cavity on the top for a candle or incense. I wonder how hard it would be to get this covered up somehow without messing up the writing and matching the paint.

"In the film, the mysterious prop is said to be the severed, embalmed hand of a powerful medium, and it's used to conjure spirits."

Wish there was a way to combine the 2 together lol. The second says it was based off a scan of the prop. Not so sure about the incense version. Wonder how hard it would be to copy over all the signatures.
It also appears the writing on the prop replica hand doesn’t match the prop. Looks like a lot of it is repeating if not all of it. I can see the name “Simone” and “Why?” on there a few times. Here’s the screenused one and the replica in the photo below.

It doesn't look like a very good replica. The hand is very smooth with a uniform color that does not look like your pictures of the prop. And, as you stated, the text does not match the prop text. This seems like it would be easy to recreate yourself.
Yeah just watched and showed up here looking for a replica… saw the incense one and yeah, naw

It would be more fun to either replicate the writing or just do your own thing, but the blank hand that has that same look… not shiny porcelain, is gonna be the trick

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