Sword restoration


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This may be off-topic for this forum. If so, feel free to move/delete it.

Can someone either point me to a site or post a little how-to on how to restore and then protect a sword blade that's become a little rusty?

I bought it years ago and and didn't have room to display it, so I packed it away under a bed. At the time, I had a pet ferret and he apparently got do it, and got some moisture on it. Over the years it's rusted and I'd love to restore it and display it, now that I have my own home.

The blade isn't polished, so taking steel wool to it wouldn't harm the overall appearance. But I'm not sure if there's a better method (probably) and I'd like to protect it from further damage later on down the road.

I've heard of a product called Renaissance Wax that's supposedly a sort or miracle product. Is that a good bet?

Thanks for any help.


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The site below has been very helpful to me, and I've seen posts from knowledgeable people about restoring swords with rust on the blade or the hilt furniture.


Once you've restored it, Rennaisance Wax will keep it in that state.