Styrene Sheet: Evergreen -vs- Plastruct

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Yorpheus, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Yorpheus

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    Where is a good place to order sheet styrene online?

    Preferably a place that stocks a wide variety of sizes (or all the available sizes).

    And is Evergreen better than Plastruct? or are they pretty much the same qualitywise?
  2. masterjedi322

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    I can't address the quality question, but I ordered some sheet styrene from MidWest Products and had no issues with them.

  3. Treadwell

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  4. Smiling Demon

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  5. cobywan

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    For sheet stock, strips, tubes and angles Evergreen is top notch. For structural iron and piping/plumbing components Plastruct is great. I like working with Evergreen best though.
  6. Bacara

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    I've had good experiences with styrene from Industrial Plastics Supply:

    Industrial Plastics Supply

    They offer sheet sizes up to 24" x 48" for prices comparable to what I can find from Laird Plastics locally (they don't carry .040 or .080 often). Shipping is free for orders over $125. It cuts well and vacuforms well.

    For strip styrene I got a lot of it from a while ago since I needed other stuff from there at the time. I'm not exactly sure how their prices match up. I've been using that for quite a while, or scrap from other stuff I've cut.

  7. Griffworks

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    You can also check your phone book for local plastics manufacturing companies. They'll sometimes sell you scrap pieces/parts at good prices.
  8. 1138

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    Maybe its just in my head but it always seems that Evergreen is a slightly softer plastic than Plastruct. Has anyone else every noticed that?

    For example, take a 0.8mm sheet of evergreen and 0.8mm of plastruct and the plastruct will seem more stiff. Both are hi-qual plastics though, IMO

    That's my 2 cents

  9. Griffworks

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    I've noticed that, as well. Different formula and/or processing of hte plastics, I guess. The Plastruct plastic is a bit harder to cut and shape, overall, but I prefer it whenever I'm scratchbuilding a structure. Plus, the Plastruct plastics seem to hold hard details better, whereas the Evergreen tends to be a bit softer. Both have good and bad points is all I'm sayin' and it depends on my needs as to which I'll purchase.
  10. SGluedMyFingers

    SGluedMyFingers Well-Known Member

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    For me it's all about availability. Plastruct is simply the easiest way to get plastics if you live in a rural area. I have to drive several hours to get Evergreen. Plastruct is always a click away. $8.00 shipping, but it's fast.

    I agree about the softness, as well. I'm quite used to Plastuct - so Evergreen has an "Oops" factor for me.

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